• ‘Everything is design, EVERYTHING’
    Interior Design
  • ‘Less is more’
    House Design
  • ‘We shape buildings, thereafter they shape us'

What We Do

Interior Design

Every space has a purpose, which is to be occupied, where the nature of occupancy may vary, giving a narrative of how it will be utilized in real life. Our goal is to create and inspire from this uniqueness, providing bespoke design, where connections are made at a personal level.

House Design

One's house is the place where the intimate moments of our lives are lived. By nature it is a very personal place. We believe in designing homes that reflect these sentiments and the values of its inhabitants, fused with luxury and modernity. We make homes.

Architectural Design

We see architecture as a story, unfolding through the people who bring life to it. Our design aims to honour the patron, whose vision and intention we bring to form, the community whose values we reflect in our planning, and the surroundings that will interact with our creation.

Our Process

  • Meet & Bond
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
Designing is as much about problem solving as it is about creation. To enable us in offering the best of our services we begin our connection with our patrons through care, taking time to understand them, their needs and preferences. As it is with the start of any relationship, we believe in building trust and comfort, and this is why we call this part of the process meeting and bonding, welcoming our patrons to the SDA Family.
Upon reviewing an initial grasp of our patron's needs, we begin to explore their uniqueness through experimenting in various themes. In the case of interiors we informally gather information like colours, textures, fabrics, how the space responds to its inhabitants and other elements that work together to portray the feel of the design. This helps us to understand and realize the best possible design with our patrons involved through the journey.
The look and feel of the design as desired by the patron begins to take shape in the form of spatial and architectural design. We create drawings that depict our design, select materials and finishes to the benefit of the patron, representing how we envision the space to be utilized. Great care and attention is given to intricate details that make the design one of a kind.
As everything about the design falls in place, so begins the making process. We oversee the construction to make sure execution is as per design, with no compromise in quality. We engage with construction teams on a predefined basis, providing technical support where necessary. Our presence is also made through selection of commodities and fittings, tying the design more closely, inspecting the building process till the end.

Over the course of two decades SDA Designs have helped shape several interior and architectural projects, spanning across India, U.A.E. & K.S.A., offering services comprising conceptualization, planning, strategy, project management and more. SDA Designs cater to a wide array of projects, varying in nature and scale, from homes, offices, industrial complexes, hospitality sector, etc.

Contact Us

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