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Inspiring interiors that compliment a rooms existing features. Setting the balance between new and old.

The Management

Sufyan Duberia

In his career spanning over two decades, those closely associated with Mr. Sufyan Duberia could not agree more to the above mentioned quote. His love for his craft is not accidental, for Mr. Sufyan hails from a background of design. His father, the Late Mr. Qasim Duberia (Chartered Architect) spawned his interest in the intricacies of spatial planning. A Civil Engineer by qualification, Mr. Sufyan found his calling in the field of Interior Designing, later extending to Architecture.

One of the endearing qualities of his work that often demand praise is the simplicity of the overall design. Contemporary in nature, the concepts result in spaces that are visually uncluttered, with clean lines creating a flow, connecting different elements into one big masterpiece. The attention to fine details further highlight the space with his selection of materials, patterns and textures that add richness in a subtle way. Foresight of the ever changing nature of time, there is a careful thought process put behind every space, every person who will reside in it, enabling him to create a language of design that grows with the inhabitants.

-"If you pursue your passion, you will not have to work a single day in your life."

Growing up in a house with a strong presence in the profession of design, Muneeb Duberia became a participant from an early age. Visiting ongoing sites with his father Mr. Sufyan, observing spaces taking shape brought about Muneeb's involvement in SDA Designs.

Having persued the chance of formal education in the field of architecture, and numerous years of exposure to different projects, Muneeb now practices under Mr. Sufyan, his biggest influence in life, gaining hands-on experience in design as well as its execution.

Muneeb Duberia

About SDA Designs

Over the course of two decades SDA Designs have helped shape several interior and architectural projects, spanning across India, U.A.E. & K.S.A., offering services comprising conceptualization, planning, strategy, project management and more. SDA Designs cater to a wide array of projects, varying in nature and scale, from homes, offices, industrial complexes, hospitality sector, etc.

Living in a globally accessible world, SDA Designs moves forward with awareness, providing design and planning that not only reflects this, but foresees growth of space as well as its occupants.