Additional Services

Project Management Consultancy

SDA Project Management Consultancy has been held in very high regard by our clients across various industries. Comprising of SDA’s most seasoned managers that take pride in undertaking and accomplishing the most complex yet successful projects in various countries across the globe.

We believe consultancy is the key to managing the construction of your project from the very start to the end. Our key traits include:

  1. Effective communication
  2. People Management
  3. Strong Negotiation skills
  4. Planned execution
  5. Sound Technical Knowledge
  6. Confident Decision Making

Build Assistance

SDA offers build assistance to ensure absolute convenience during the design to build transition period. Our goal is to provide a realistic and detailed product that does not exceed budgets and time frames required by our clients. The approach is to build cohesive work between designers, field staff and pre qualified sub contractors which is crucial to closing projects efficiently and accurately. We adopt a completely professional approach by planning way before project execution to ensure we stick to timelines set by project managers. Our workflow and style allows us to achieve the following:

  1. Budget Compliance
  2. Lower Operation Cost
  3. Decreased Duplication of Effort
  4. Thorough Accountability
  5. Minimum Error and Miscommunication