Housing Design

A home is a very special space. The way it is used and occupied varies with different individuals, every home is very unique to the people who occupy it, almost like an unspoken member of the family. We strive to understand your needs, and help create a bespoke design that is yours.

We define this type of design separate from architecture as it involves an extensive involvement of the home owners in the design process. We spend time in understanding your needs, your lifestyle to anticipate how you may interact with your house. Upon gaining this information we make design proposals where the plan, elevation and landscaping options are explored.

Upon finalizing of the architecture, we proceed to designing the interiors, catering to the members of the family and adding their personal touch to the space. From designing we move forward to material and furniture selection, creating visuals of how the rooms will look and be used.

Our scope of services further include production of working drawings, drafting of the Tender for Construction & coordinating with the Structural Consultant, M.E.P. Consultant and further such agencies that are necessary for smooth and accurate execution of the design.

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