Interior Design

Designing for interiors often involves modifying existing spaces to adapt to a new purpose, or to enhance the existing. Our process begins with understanding the conditions that led to the original planning of the space, followed by interpretation for new use.

Site conditions are quantified, followed by the practice of concept and design that are developed in close relation with the patrons. Simultaneously we advise on rectifying structural errors if required for the proposed space so as to obtain distinct values of measurements for ease of construction. The subject of our service is very personal in nature, and this reflects in every step of realizing our patrons' desired space.

Further we produce working drawings and complimenting details for execution on site. We maintain selection and inspection on quality of work, materials used, fittings to be installed, etc, to ensure high value of work and make ourselves available to the construction teams on site, following a predefined schedule. Not the least of the process, our association stays till the end.

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